SEMCO - Chilled Beams

SEMCO’s chilled beams are designed to manage high cooling capacity by using a primary air supply, typically outdoor air, to increase airflow over the element. The primary air is then supplied to the room through diffusers built into the beam. Many of our beams have a patented system for adjusting airflow, cooling effect and airflow pattern and can be adapted to suit the changing conditions of any given space.

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Nailor - VAV Boxes

Nailor 3000 and 3100 Series Terminal Units are among the most versatile VAV boxes on the market, providing easy HVAC system integration with diverse control packages. Designed for cooling only, cooling with reheat, heating only or heat/cool changeover applications. Quiet Type with dissipative silencers and Hospital Grade boxes are also available.

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Quiet Plus variable air volume terminal units are used in ducted air-conditioning systems to regulate the flow of air to a room or group of rooms, to maintain comfortable temperature levels, and to provide significant energy savings.

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Carrier - Fan Coils

No other selection of fan coils is more complete than Carrier’s AirStream™ product line. With everything from belt-drive to ducted units and unique stackable configurations – all in multiple models and capacities – AirStream units offer exceptional flexibility and availability

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Magic Aire - Fan Coils & Blower Coils

Complete line of Fan Coils and Blower Coils

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AAON - Water-Source Heat Pumps 

AAON WH Series Horizontal Water-Source Heat Pumps lead the industry with innovative design, performance, and serviceability. The technologically advanced AAON WSHP manufacturing line is unmatched in the industry, utilizing a unique production methodology that integrates mass production with mass customization and allows production of up to 180 units per days. AAON Water-Source Heat Pumps are stocked and ready to ship. Replacement units match the size of conventional water-source heat pump units.

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Carrier - Packaged Indoor Water Source Heat Pumps

The industry’s only water source heat pump with automatic 3-speed fan control provides greater and more versatile comfort control than its 2-speed counterparts- an economical approach for comfort conditioning requirements in both traditional and geothermal replacement, renovation, and new construction applications. They are ideally suited for geothermal LEED® certification driven projects.

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Carrier - Replacement Induction Units 

Water control Weathermaster induction systems use 36S Series induction air terminals for economical air conditioning in office buildings, hotels, schools, and apartments to provide year-round comfort in each room. Nine different 36S Series induction air terminals are available in loboy, horizontal and vertical configurations. The induction air terminals are available for 2-pipe systems and 4-pipe systems to match the building application. Each terminal comes in 4 sizes with a choice of 5 different nozzle arrangements to provide desired airflow. Terminals may be furred-in or enclosed in optional, decorator-styled cabinets.

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Magic Aire - Unit Ventilators 

MagicAire® Unit Ventilators are designed for a variety of applications where indoor air quality is critical, such as classrooms, hospitals, etc. They provide an energy-efficient means for maintaining excellent room conditions. A wide range of options are available to meet any specification, both in horizontal, UHF,  and vertical, UVF, configuration. Horizontal units mount exposed or recessed and range in size from 750 to 2000 cfm. Vertical series units range in size from 500 through 1500 cfm. Units are available with chilled and hot water (2 or 4 pipe systems), remote sourced DX, and steam or electric resistance heat.

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As a market leader in single zone climate control solutions, Temspec offers a wide variety of equipment configurations, options and accessories to meet the specific needs of each application. 
The products offer quiet, energy efficient solutions while optimizing temperature control, air ventilation and filtration and humidity all in an architecturally pleasing appearance. The equipment has a small footprint with an easy maintenance layout.

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