Posted on January 18, 2011 by Buck Nye

Rittling Releases Carboline Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels. Optimal Indoor Climate and Efficient Use of Energy Throughout the Year (Buffalo, NY, January 2010)

New regulations now dictate how energy efficient a building should be, as a saving in energy also reduces C02 emissions. While this helps create an ideal indoor climate in the winter months, it subsequently creates a new problem in the transitional seasons and in summer:The fabric of these buildings is well insulated, therefore, the rooms within easily over-heat. The high external temperatures are boosted by the interior heat load: computers, copiers, printers and other technical equipment cause increased indoor temperatures, as do the people occupying the space. Because the excess heat can no longer be dissipated, the cooling load rises, especially in buildings with high-grade insulation.As part of the requirement for an ideal indoor climate, cool rooms in the summer will become equally important in the future.Rittling Carboline is an elegant and innovative response to the requirements placed on modern indoor climate control – in summer and in winter. This is because Rittling Carboline allows rooms to be heated & cooled. The main areas of application are:

• Offices

• Schools

• Hospitals

• Meeting rooms

• Operating rooms

Rittling Carboline guarantees even heat distribution within a room and extremely high energy efficiency

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