Posted on September 21, 2018 by Buck Nye

Wet When You Need It & Dry When You Don’t 

The Güntner Adiabatic Cooling System (ACS) with hydroBLU™ Technology is an advanced cooler or condenser utilizing the latest in heat transfer and controls technology. By using water only on peak days, the ACS cooler/condenser can often reduce water consumption to 20% of a conventional water cooled system and reduce peak energy demand versus a dry system. A system that is wet when you need it and dry when you don’t, the ACS combines the reliability and ease of use of a dry cooler/condenser with system efficiencies associated with water cooled equipment.

The Adiabatic Cooling Delivery System utilizes a water management system and cooling pads to maximize adiabatic efficiency, minimize water consumption and safely manage water usage. In addition to the ease of operation, elimination of water treatment systems is typically applicable. The coils remain dry and effective water management helps to mitigate the proliferation of Legionella, pneumophila and associated illness.

The Adiabatic Cooling System offers an energy efficient solution that provides dramatic water savings relative to water cooled equipment by utilizing water only when ambient temperatures and system demand require it.

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