CENTRAL PA Product Line Card. 

PHILADELPHIA Product Line Card       

  • Aaon

    Packaged Rooftop AHU and WSHP
    2-240 Tons
    Chillers to 70 tons
    Condensers and Condensing Units
    Self-Contained Systems
    Terminal WSHP 1/4 to 15 ton
    Split Systems with HGRH
    Air Handlers
    Energy Recovery Systems

  • Aerofin

    HW, CW Steam and DX Coils
    Integral Face and Bypass Coils

  • AnnexAir

    *Central and NEPA Only

    Using the most current technolgy,  Annexair has Capacity range  from 2,000 CFM to 100,000 CFM for Energy Recovery or Make Up Air units  and Cooliing capcity from 10 to 300 tons. Chilled Water, Air Cooled, Water Cooled, and WSHP

  • Berner

    Commercial and Industrial Air Curtain systems.
    Steam, Hot Water, Electric, Direct or Indirect fired

  • Blender Products

    A highly effective dynamic mixing device that makes the mixing box mix, and eliminates the Blender section.

  • Carel USA

    Evaporative Cooling

  • Carrier

    Central and NEPA Only*
    Air Cooled  & Water Cooled Chillers
    Air Handling Units
    Applied Rooftop Packaged Systems
    Split Systems (up to 130 Tons)
    Fan Coils
    Water Source Heat Pumps
    Self Contained Systems
    Ductless Split Systems
    Unit Ventilators

  • Carson Solutions

    Displacement Induction Chilled Beams
    Standard and Custom Shelves and Cabinetry, etc.

  • Climate by Design International

    Desiccant Dehumidifiers
    Food and Pharmaceutical Applications
    Ice Rinks, Water Treatment Facility, Dry Storage

  • Compu-Aire

    Tempature and Humidity control systems. Computer Room Air Condititioning equipment. 

  • Desert Aire

    Commercial Dehumidifiers & Equipment for Every Environment - Indoor Air Quality Solutions for All Industries.

  • Direct Coil

    Chilled Water, Hot water and DX Coils. Fluid Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers

  • EMI America

    Wall Mount, Ceiling Hung, Multi Evap Units, Ceiling Cassette
    Chilled Water Option

  • Energy Labs, Inc.

    Custom Air Handlers Penthouses Air & Evap Cooled DX Units Large Custom Data Center Units

  • GallatinAir

    Portable Air Filtration unit that includes 2" 30 Percent Filter, UV Lights, HEPA Filter and Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization

  • Geoclima

    Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers Utilizing Turbocor frictionless technology

  • Global Plasma Solutions

    Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization Modules Odor, Pathogen and particle control

  • GreaseMaster

    Kitchen Hoods
    Electrical Controls / Fire Systems
    Make Up Air Units
    Exhaust Fans

  • Gree North America

    VRF and Mini Splits Air Cooled/Water Cooled
    Heat Recovery,Simultaneous Heating and Cooling, Solar, Ultra Heating

  • Hays Fluid Controls


    Water source heat pump hose kits. fan coil piping packages

  • Heat Pipe Technology

    Wrap around Heat Pipe air to air exchangers. Available options include 134A and anti-corrosive coatings

  • Herrmidifier

    Air/Water Atomization System
    Steam Distribution Systems

  • Infrasave

    Tube Heaters
    Luminous Heater

  • M.K. Plastics

    Axijet high plume dilution laboratory exhaust
    frp fans and blowers and venture type percloric acid exhaust fans

  • Magic Aire

    Horizontal and Vertical Unit ventilators
    Blower Coils, RT Air Handlers, Terminal Units

  • Multi Aqua

    VWV Commercial & Residential variable water volume AC Systems 3,4,5, and 10 ton Air Cooled ChillersCW/HW Fan coils, Ceiling cassettes

  • Nailor Industries

    VAV Boxes, Fan Coils
    GRD’s Smoke Dampers, Louvers, Underfloor Diffusers
    Electric Heaters

  • NovelAire Technology

    Innovative indoor air quality solutions for industrial and commercial markets specializing in energy/heat recovery wheels, desiccant wheels and desiccant dehumidification

  • NuClimate

    Latent Induction & Chilled Beams

  • Paragon Controls

    Designer and manufacturer of commercial/industrial airflow and pressure sensing elements, room/space pressure monitoring systems and control systems

  • Parklane Mechanical

    Parklane designs manufactures and installs custom noise-mitigation systems for a full range of institutional, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Qmark

    Electric Cab Heaters
    Electric Unit Heaters
    Electric Ceiling Panels

  • RenewAire

    Indoor or outdoor energy recovery
    DOAS units with Coils CW/DX/HW
    RenewAire’s exceptional static plate energy exchange core

  • RUDD Commercial HVAC

    Split Systems
    Heat Pumps
    Packaged AC gas, Electric
    Air Handlers

  • RuppAir

    Direct fired and Indirect fired Make up air Units, DOAS Systems, HVLS Fans, A Copmplete offering of exhaust fans and pre manufactured Doublewall Grease Duct.


    Flakt Woods Chilled Beams
    Enthalpy Wheels and Replacement Systems
    Packaged Energy Recovery Systems
    Dehumidification Units

  • Soler & Palau Fans

    Centrifugal Roof, Inline Centrifugal and Sidewall Propeller Roof Fans, Utility Sets, Gravity Vents

  • Sterling HVAC

    Gas propeller unit heaters, Gas Duct heaters

  • Temprite Industries

    Climate control systems designed for direct and indirect fired gas make-up air units, air turnover and evaporative cooling systems

  • Temspec Inc

    Vertical Unit Ventilators
    Split Systems

  • Thermal-Corp

    Custom Air Handling Units, Blower Coils, Column Units, HVAC Air Filter Housings and Fan Pak filter housings. 

  • ThermoPlus

    Water Source Heat Pumps, Water Cooled Condensers, 100% MAke Up Air Heat Pump Units, Portable dehumidifiers, Ice rink Defoggers, 

  • UV Resources

    Leader in the education, design and innovative engineering of industrial-grade ultraviolet-C (UV-C) equipment solutions for HVAC applications

  • Warren HVAC

    VAV Boxes
    Electric Duct Heaters

  • Yaskawa

    Variable Frequency Drives

  • Zehnder Rittling

    Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Convectors, Steel Ceiling Systems, Radiant Ceiling Panels

  • Zehnder Solutions

    Radiant Cooling & Heating Ceiling Panel Solutions