Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™

Designed for high efficiency and long life, Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ commercial dehumidification systems optimize moisture removal in a diverse range of applications including:
•    Indoor Pools
•    Industrial Processes
•    Public Works & Municipal Services

The ExpertAire™ Series has the highest Moisture Removal Efficiency ratings available!
These commercial dehumidification systems also offer the flexibility to regulate the introduction of outdoor air, providing energy cost-savings for your facility.

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Desert Aire’s SelectAire™ (SA) Series Dehumidifier

Desert Aire’s SelectAire™ (SA) Systems can be installed indoors or outdoors.
These commercial dehumidification systems offer complete humidity and air quality control, exhaust air energy recovery and automatic air balancing.
They feature modular engineering and flexible design options for customized, targeted solutions.
The SelectAire™ commercial dehumidification systems are ideal for large-scale moisture removal applications.

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