Posted on January 3, 2012 by Buck Nye

Advantix Systems’ patented, air conditioning systems dehumidify and cool the air simultaneously, eliminating the need to overcool the air to control humidity. This thermodynamic short-cut takes you directly to the comfort zone, cutting your air conditioning workload by half or more.

HVAC air quality is better, naturally

As air passes through our natural, brine solution, it is naturally cleansed of particulates, microorganisms and odors in just one pass. Without condensation points anywhere in the systems, chances of mold or bacteria forming in the system or clogging the coils are nonexistent, delivering optimal Indoor Air Quality for any environment.

System maintenance has never been so easy

Our liquid desiccant is a non-toxic brine solution that does not need to be replaced and does not exit the equipment by any means – zero degradation, zero carryover. Without any condensation points, our systems have no drip pans or cooling coils that may produce mold/bacteria build-up. The solution’s natural cleansing qualities also eliminate the need for expensive air filters.

Quality and reliability matter

At Advantix Systems, we are committed to delivering top quality equipment and providing the best solution to our customers.

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