Desiccant Dehumidification is a continuous process. A desiccant wheel rotates through two separate airstreams.

The solid desiccant rotor absorbs moisture from process air [1]. The moisture is taken out of the rotor by a second and separate reactivating airstream [2]. This process enables the rotor to continually take moisture out of the airstream without interruption.

Uncontrolled humidity does not need to be a problem. By providing dry desiccant air supply you can control threats to safety, product and costs. Dry air is a solution to corrosion, bacterial, mold, and mildew growth. You can have independent control of moisture levels and temperatures. Now you can be as dry as you want at whatever temperature you want.

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Desert Aire

Industrial & Commercial Dehumidification Systems
As applied to meet needs by building users for healthy and productive indoor environments, Desert Aire’s Dehumidification Systems are the world-class synthesis of your design specifications, our deep application expertise, patented technologies, advanced manufacturing processes, and our strategic network of support and services.

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Heat Pipe Technology

Dehumidification and Energy Recovery Heat Pipes for Air Handling Systems


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NovelAire has several specialty units that will provide moisture removal for storage, remediation or many different and unique applications
Novelaire dehumidifiers designed to be used in a wide range of applications where low dewpoints are required. Typical applications include archives, manufacturing, general storage and preservation, mold and mildew prevention, corrosion protection and water treatment facilities.

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The SEMCO ASCENDANT is a conventional cooling, active desiccant hybrid system, performance optimized to deliver and control low dew point air while minimizing energy input. A highly efficient system, ASCENDANT delivers low dew points (down to 20°F) while minimizing the tons of cooling input. ASCENDANT operates with 25% to 50% less energy cost than conventional refrigeration-based dehumidification systems.

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