AAON Introduces Evap Cooled Chiller .41kW per ton

Posted on February 10, 2011 by Buck Nye

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Zender Rittling – Brand Conversion

Posted on February 10, 2011 by Buck Nye

Formal Launch of Zehnder Rittling

Dear colleagues,

Hydro-Air Components, Inc. is very excited to have formally launched our new identity, Zehnder Rittling, at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas last week. Please be aware that no recent change has been made to the organization ownership or structure, as the acquisition itself happened in 2007.The purpose of the brand conversion is to showcase the combination of the worldwide HVAC technology from our Swiss-based parent company with our expertise in terminal hydronic systems,introduce Zehnder to the US market, and to create a worldwide leader in the heating and cooling industry. The launch of our new identity opens the door to countless opportunities for growth.Please be aware that from this point forward, all communications from our company will feature only the Zehnder Rittling identity. Feel free to contact our Marketing department or your Sales Support Staff representative if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Zehnder Rittling

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AAON RQ Series light commercial rooftop unit

Posted on January 21, 2011 by Buck Nye

AAON RQ series rooftop units (2 to 6 tons) are engineered for performance, flexibility, and serviceability. RQ units are available as air-cooled or water-cooled condenser packaged rooftop units, air-source, water-source, or geothermal heat pumps, 100% outside air units, and chilled water or non-compressorized air handlers. Heating is available in high performance hot water, steam, electric, and gas heating configurations. Options include high efficiency variable speed fans and variable capacity compressors, energy recovery wheels, and economizers with efficiencies up to 19 SEER.

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Rittling’s New Carboline Radiant Panel

Posted on January 18, 2011 by Buck Nye

Rittling Releases Carboline Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels. Optimal Indoor Climate and Efficient Use of Energy Throughout the Year (Buffalo, NY, January 2010)

New regulations now dictate how energy efficient a building should be, as a saving in energy also reduces C02 emissions. While this helps create an ideal indoor climate in the winter months, it subsequently creates a new problem in the transitional seasons and in summer:The fabric of these buildings is well insulated, therefore, the rooms within easily over-heat. The high external temperatures are boosted by the interior heat load: computers, copiers, printers and other technical equipment cause increased indoor temperatures, as do the people occupying the space. Because the excess heat can no longer be dissipated, the cooling load rises, especially in buildings with high-grade insulation.As part of the requirement for an ideal indoor climate, cool rooms in the summer will become equally important in the future.Rittling Carboline is an elegant and innovative response to the requirements placed on modern indoor climate control – in summer and in winter. This is because Rittling Carboline allows rooms to be heated & cooled. The main areas of application are:

• Offices

• Schools

• Hospitals

• Meeting rooms

• Operating rooms

Rittling Carboline guarantees even heat distribution within a room and extremely high energy efficiency

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Ingenia Technologies

Posted on January 17, 2011 by Buck Nye

Ingenia is a manufacturer of air handling systems. A state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and leading edge engineering technology is utilized to provide solutions to your custom air handling projects.

A team of highly qualified engineering support staff can help you with your air handling projects. Specific systems can be manufactured for the following H.V.A.C. markets:

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ClimaCool Corp.: Modular Heat Pump – What’s New – Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration NEWS

Posted on January 5, 2011 by Buck Nye

The patent-pending SHC onDEMAND modular heat pump system eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling equipment by combining them into one compact unit, saving installation costs, reducing physical footprint, and lowering overall operating costs, says the company. It is available in modules from 30 to 85 tons, with bank capacity to 1,000 tons. The modules offer cooling efficiencies up to 25 EER and heating efficiencies up to 5 COP. The six-header design can be utilized with cooling towers, geothermal (ground and lake) loops, or hybrid systems for true application flexibility. The unit allows any module to be indexed for heating or cooling regardless of its position in the bank to provide optimum performance and compressor run time equalization. Mechanical room space is maximized through innovative connection flexibility for hot, cold, and source loops, and the piping is fully configurable to same or opposite ends.

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