Posted on March 14, 2012 by Buck Nye

Wheel & Plate units

This Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilator is a device with a capacity of up to 10,000 PCM. It is designed for interior or exterior installations and comes with a roof flashing that is designed according to your specifications.

Six standard models with capacities of up to 10,500 PCM are available in order to meet your air exchange needs.

They are high-performing devices, ideal for businesses, daycare centers, clinics, bars, restaurants and more.


  • Double-walled unit
  • Pre-painted 22 GA steel exterior (white)
  • 18 GA galvanized steel interior
  • Access door with ¼ turn handles
  • Insulation: 2”
  • 18 GA stainless steel drainage basin
  • Drain connection under unit: 1” NPT


  • On flashing
  • On platform


  • Type: pleated MERV8


  • Type: Forward-curved blade (FC)
  • Sealed and lubricated ball bearings
  • Drive System: Variable belts and pullies


  • Type: 10:1 Inverter Duty; EPAct efficiency; ODP
  • Speed: 1800 RPM
  • Motor/ventilator mounting: On exiting vibration isolators


  • Polypropylene
  • Aluminum
  • Enthalpy

Control Options

Dirty contact filters: Dry contact closes and message displays when fresh and contaminated air filters circuits are plugged.

Fan rotation detection: Unit stops if the fans have stopped rotating. A message displays if the fans have stopped rotating or if a belt has slipped.

Recuperation optimization: Control sequence that maintains input or output temperatures (available with adjustable evacuation damper)

Detection of finished damper circuit: Unit start-up is dependent on damper openings

Controller compatible with the BACnet network: Three communication media are available: RS-485 (standard), Ethernet or InternetNetwork and BACnet Distance Display


Cube System: 10-year limited warranty

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