Posted on August 21, 2014 by Buck Nye

Facilities Engineering Journal is a bi-monthly publication from the Association for Facilities Engineers (AFE). AFE is the oldest and most experienced facilities maintenance and engineering association that supports facilities professionals who operate and maintain buildings. Each AFE member receives the Facilities Engineering Journal making it an effective tool in reaching the individuals purchasing and maintaining HVAC equipment.

AAON rooftop units are the subject of an article in the July/August issue titled “Advances in High Efficiency Rooftop HVAC Units”. The article highlights the world class features of AAON units, such as the cabinet construction, variable capacity compressors, and modulating hot gas reheat. There is also a discussion on how these features are “pushing the boundaries and breaking through barriers when it comes to improving the efficiency, quality, and flexibility of rooftop units.” 

Digital Edition Link (Article Starts on Page 20)

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