H.C. Nye Company, Inc.

H.C. Nye Company, Inc. is a Manufacturer’s Representative of Engineered, Applied, and Industrial HVAC Systems.

Our design is to be a trusted and dependable partner for our customers and the manufacturers we represent.  We are committed to serving with honesty and integrity.  

In this fast-paced world, we bring innovative and cost-effective solutions to the ever-changing needs of building owners and their work environment. We specialize in the assisting consulting engineers, construction managers, mechanical contractors and building owners in the application, selection, and sale of HVAC mechanical equipment.  

Our market consists of commercial building, universities, data centers, pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, k-12, and early childhood education and general industrial. Product line coverage includes Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware and is served by two offices with parts supply centers. 

Featured Manufacturer

Featured Manufacturer

A healthcare provider’s main commitment is to enhance the quality of life, help people thrive, show care, and prevent future illness or injury. There is a heavy burden to provide a clean environment in which people can work and devote time to relationships to provide effective rehabilitation. However, many foul odors are introduced in hospitals via diesel generators, helicopter exhaust, kitchen services, loading docks, dumpsters, and busy streets below, making it difficult for HVAC systems to keep up, thereby increasing energy costs.

At the installation of Global Plasma Solutions’ systems, healthcare facilities quickly noted a drastic decrease in foul odor. The GPS needlepoint bipolar air-ionization technology eliminated all incoming volatile organic compounds (VOCs).