H.C. Nye Co.

H.C. Nye Co. is a Manufacturers' Representative of Engineered, Applied, and Industrial HVAC Systems. Our product line coverage includes Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Our Sales Engineers work daily in the design and application of equipment for Packaged DX, humidification, dehumidification, custom air handlers, energy recovery, geothermal/tower heat pump, and laboratory projects. We offer design assistance to the consulting engineer and design build contractor community. With over 200 years of total HVAC Sales experience, our knowledgeable staff is second to none. We are ready to support your project from the concept design through the commissioning and owner training phase.

We have an outstanding product offering with first class high quality manufacturers. From Chillers using the latest technology in frictionless centrifugal compressor technology to the best offering of Energy Recovery products available today in any marketplace.

Featured Manufacturer

Featured Manufacturer

Adiabatic pre-cooling – with intelligent HydroBLU Technology control

  • Energy-efficient operation with EC fan motors and wetted pads
  • Metered water control with hydroBLU Technology
  • Reliable controls have easy start up and low maintenance
  • No aerosols
  • No water treatment required
  • No sump, recirculating water or pump required
  • No wetting of the coil
  • Low-maintenance

Intelligent control of fan speed and wetting

  • Water conserved by volume control
  • Very low energy consumption using Electronically
  • Commutated (EC) fans
  • Very low water consumption because dry/wet
  • switchover is set at a high level

Optimal adiabatic cooling delivery System

  • Maximum adiabatic efficiency
  • Plume-free
  • No water circulation
  • No aerosol output
  • Automatic draining
  • Dry cooling coil
  • No spraying
  • No water treatment required on typical Systems

Multifunctional use of humidification pads

  • Easily removed for dry operation
  • Reliable adiabatic delivery system
  • Protects coil from dirt and debris

Integrated, intelligent control

  • Wired ready to use
  • EC fans with the Güntner Motor Managment (GMM)
  • fan speed controller
  • GMM step controller for fan cycling

Dry Operation

  • With no wetting of the unit, it operates like a
  • conventional finned dry cooler or condenser
  • Energy is dissipated to the ambient air via convection

Wet Operation

  • For high external temperatures and/or during higher
  • cooling loads
  • The fluid can be brought down below the ambient dry bulb temperature, even without directly wetting the heat exchangers
  • Air is adiabatically cooled and then energy dissipated by convection